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Topic: Re:Eagle owls in Britain
Posted by: J.M
Date/Time: 8/14/2007 1:26:25 PM
To allwe not only have Eagle owls but also european scops owls breeding in britain, but it just seems to me like nobody wants this kind of information out!,I goning to have a nag because i think some peoples views on the eagle owls are just over the top, saying there going to take merlins and peoples cats! its so bloody unlikely, do people really think that they would bother to chase a merlin if the theres a great number of rabbits,jackdaws ect about, and if there is not they surely would not stay within the area with such a low abundance of food. we should be honoured and gratefull to have such an amazing bird roaming our countryside.there are now 27 pairs in great britain.

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