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Topic: Tawny Owl box
Posted by: David Greenwood
Date/Time: 1/9/2006 5:23:56 AM
I spotted a tawny owl in the garden last year and have made and erected two large nesting boxes fairly high up in a couple of large European Poplar trees. After just three days a tawny owl roosted in one box for three consecutive days. Fourth day and following three days it is roosting in the other box, How can I tell if it is a 2005 fledgling and what sex it is. What is the likelyhood of it nesting in a box..? Should I put up anymore owl boxes for Little owls and barn owls. Our plot around the barn is about two acres, but we have fields and trees and a golf course nearby. Moles are common in this area . I put out at dusk after the owl has left to hunt for the night, three day old chicks, on a high feeding table, but so far these seem to be food for the jays and magpies that visit the following morning. Should I continue this strategy of trying to feed the owl?Kind regards,David Greenwood

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